Book Review ~ How I See It: The Boss Lady ~ Lolah Lace

20564739This is the second book that I have read by this author and it won’t be my last. Need to finish the BTTW series. In The Boss Lady we meet Lukas Hamilton (this story is given from his point of view), owner of Hamilton Moving company. Lukas has suffered a devastating loss and has decided to return back to work and help his guys on they last move of the day. Enters Nicole and Kelly Nevels. Nicole and Lukas do not get off to a amicable start; however, Kelly and Lukas form somewhat of a rapport with each other has he is moving furniture into her room. One of the workers accidently drops Nicole’s flat screen and she goes from itch with an attitude to free-breathing dragon in zero to 60 milliseconds. Lukas trying to bring the conversation back into the neutral zone only add more fire to the flame, bring Nicole’s ten-year old daughter into the mix with her yelling at her mom to stop yell at Lukas.

As the story progresses and Lukas and Kelly talk on the phone daily, until one he come to her rescue and Nicole confront him about his relationship with not only her daughter, but her mother too. Things get heated between these two and things start to turn physical. Lukas makes it plain to Nicole that he does not want any more children and marriage is not in the cards. Things are going good or so he thinks until Nicole breaks if off with him. Lukas is blindsided by this and does not know what to think. He gets a call from Kelly and she tells him how much she misses him and starts to drop hints about her mom, Nicole.

Will Lukas get the hints and will he get his Nicki back?

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