Book Review ~ How I See It: A Kiss Before Lying: A BWWM Romance – Part 1 ~ M. Skye

29013417Aww suki, suki now…You know this book is going to be messy in good way when the lead female has a lot of drama she know she don’t need in her life. The lead character in this book Draya Mitchell is involved with her father’s former best friend, a married man and a deacon in her church name Damien. Draya and Damien have been involved for seven years, it has not been all roses and sunshine with these two. Draya has tried many times to walk away from Damien, but he keeps coming back like a bad rash she can’t get rid of. One day she finally gets fed up and after years of abuse and the lies he told she shows him the door.

Draya’s bestie Brittany introduces her to Liam (Draya’s new trainer), since Brittany who is pregnant can no longer be her trainer due to her condition. Draya and Liam are attracted to one another, but do not give into their desire for each other until the night that Draya sprains her ankle. It looks like someone is out to get Draya as mishaps happen at her restaurant, with her car and looks like someone other than Draya, Liam and Rico have access to Draya’s house.

What we don’t see coming during the re-grand opening party is the reason why Damien push up so hard on Draya until the altercation between Draya’s dad, Andrew and Damien and Draya see Damien’s true dark colors. As Draya and Liam leave the party, the unthinkable happens.

Yes, this story has a cliffhanger….UGH!!! I can only hope that book 2 will keep the momentum going and be better than book 1.

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