Book Review ~ How I See It: Fussilo’s Way ~ Skylar Ward

28947136In Fussilo’s Way we meet the PI who assisted Gianluca DeMarco in finding out who pushed his girlfriend Allegra down the subway stairs. Anthony Fussilo former model, turned law enforcement office and know PI/Security agent to the world’s rich and famous. Is called by his former partner (Eddie Sullivan) to help with a situation that is involves Eddie’s cousin Kelly. Kelly had become involved with an abusive married mobster by the name of Benardo “the Brute.” Kelly manages to escape Bernardo for a short while, until her finds her again. Once at the club, they see Kelly and she manages to escape with them; however, she is not happy when Fussilo and Eddie make plans to protect her and get her out of the mess she has gotten herself into.

The female lead is this book Kelly Sullivan made me want to slap her, especially when Eddie and Fussilo tried to help her and when they rescued her she got just plain silly. All of a sudden she was ganster, I am like really. Why wasn’t she this way when Bernardo knocked her around. It was good seeing Gianluca, Allegra and Gianluca’s father again. Sex scenes between these two were hot, but not as hot as Gianluca and Allegra.

I rated this book with three stars as the character Anthony Fussilo was well developed; however, Ms. Kelly Sullivan needs some work. What woman in her right mind walks away from a good man.

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