Book Review ~ How I See It: Moan (Interracial Erotic Romance Thriller) ~ Kenya Wright

29332425Wow, totally did not see how this was going to play out into the thriller that it was. Emily Rice, a hard hitting journalist, has been requested for an interview by the “Sex Tycoon of Europe.” At first Emily turns down the assignment, Roman Meade is just to sexy for words and she know that she will more than sample the goodie than complete the interview. She relents after her editor sweetens the deal.

Roman Meade, went from millionaire to homeless back to millionaire. His ideal of sex parties turned him into a millionaire once more; however, one client wanted the one thing Roman did not want to provide…this lead him to reach out to Emily. The sexual attraction between Roman and Emily is undeniable and they fight hard against it, well as hard as they can, as they tour the party. Becoming distracted by the sexual attraction they feel they give into each other, but it gets them off track and Roman’s friend Butter is killed.

The “devil” in this story is a Cardinal at the Vatican and he wants Roman to provide him and his friend with…. Well I hope you get what I am hinting at.

This book is not for the faint at heart, it will turn your stomach when you learn why Roman has sought Emily’s help.

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