Book Review ~ How I See It: The REM Reaper & Kiss of the Scythe (The REM Series Books) ~ Tiana Laveen

In this story we meet Jayson Toscana, who by day is a hypnotist but by night he is the dream that you don’t want the sandman to bring. In walks Dr. Ava James and Jayson fell instantly in lust with her and Ava with Jayson. Jayson was recommend to Ava by a close friend and colleague of hers to obtain help with her sleepwalking.

Once Jayson became deeper involved with the inner workings of Ava’s mind he fell in love with her, he simply could not let her go and wanted to help her unravel the mystery of her past. Once he was able to piece it all together he knew that it would devastate her. He tried holding off as long as he could and he knew once he told her of his discovery things would change and he was not going to lose her. If he had anything to say about it ever.

Both of these character have complicated histories that lead them to discovering the joys of each other. Jayson had been different all of his life and he just wanted someone to accepted and see him for who he is and for him that is Ava. I love how Jayson showed true emotion when he “lost” Ava that he was will to beg Elle. Ava thought she was walking away from Jayson when he confessed all that he had done. It was an interesting dynamic between these two.

Do not gloss over any words or you will miss something. I love Ms. Laveen’s style of writing the character’s a well-developed and strong. I love the way she delves into the mind of the character and makes it like they are actually having a conversation with us.

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