Book Review ~ How I See It: The Truth Behind the Lies (Books 1 & 2) ~ Lolah Lace

These books right here. Let me tell you, I love reading books by Ms. Lolah Lace. This girl can write! I have to finish the Ball to The Wall series which is how I discovered her to begin with.

Book One ~ Nina

In this book Nina and Sebastian “Bash” meet and he in no certain terms lets her know that he is interested. Although this book is given from each of their perspectives. It is mostly about what is happening with Nina.

Nina has concluded her business at the police department and on her way to leave when she encounters Sebastian in the elevator. Sebastian states his thought out loud that Nina smells delicious. She is taken back, however decides to join him for coffee when he asks. As he walks her to her car things only become heated from there and they hit third base before Nina is where that she is at that point with a man she just met only hours before.

Both Nina and Bash have secrets with regards to their exs that do not wish to disclose with one another; however, it seems that Bash has more secrets than Area 51. As Nina and Bash grow closer Nina’s insecurities began to mount and she becomes unsure as to why Bash really wants her.

Bash is an Alpha man, he lets Nina know in no certain terms she is his and she cannot leave him, not that he would allow her too. Bash was so smooth when he fixed Nina’s problem with her ex, I was like DAYUM, he is handling the business.

The ending of this book is a doozy. Let me tell you I did not see it coming and was blindsided, although something did not quite fit right.

Book Two ~ Sebastian “Bash”

In this book we obtain more insight in to Sebastian and the mystery of his ‘deceased’ wife Caroline. Let me tell he should have had her killed. She makes “Baby Jane’s” mother look harmless. The shocker in this book is that Bash’s wife is not dead, he has been keeping her locked up on a ranch owned by his best friend Andy.

We learn where Bash’s insecurities stem from and for a minute there he loses his cool and almost confesses to Nina the whole truth about Caroline.

His son Jax is cool, the daughter Eva you can tell she has some issues. Everything comes to a head in this story and you won’t believe the things that Caroline is capable of. We learn why Bash treats Parker the way that he does and why Eva dislikes Parker so much. This book is filled with tragedy and murders you never saw coming.

Althought his story is at end, there are somethings that were not resolved for me:
1. Who was sending Bash the letters?
2. Who was the kid that Caroline mention?

Ms. Lace you are not right and these books were good. Now I have a question for you, who is Sebastian and where can I find him?!

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