Book Review ~ How I See It: Your Secret’s Safe With Me (Books 1 & 2) ~ Phoenix Rayne

Book One

We meet Cambria Price, who has had a hardknocks life, she is a high-end booster and really good at running the crew she has until she lets in Chain. Chain is the downfall of her boosting life especially after he and another crew member are caught. Cambria is done. She and her bestie Hayes try to start their lives over in North Little Rock. However, trouble in the form of Chain catches up with them and Midas (Hayes’ cop boyfriend) recruits Cambria for a job.

Cambria is to seduce and make Midas’s best friend Dorian Alveston fall in love with her. From my point of view Cambria has never been in a real relationship, so how this going to work is beyond me. Cambria’s very first experience was with Chain, and it looks like he lost his mind because he was her first. You can tell in some ways Cambria is an adult woman, but she is also a young girl by some of her actions.

I don’t get it. What happened, she and the girls went out; Dorian did a background check on her; the Puppet Master dropped her; she gets arrested and Chain shows up?!

I like good books and well developed characters in them, but these books right here had my head hurting like you wouldn’t believe. I had to stop reading go read another book or blog story and come back.

The first book was so materialistic, who cares about the cost of the outfit and what car they were driving or walking too. Once you mentioned the type call it a car. I am a straight shooter I kept wondering what the author was calling Minnie Mouse and African trait, look call vagina a vagina and a dick a dick. I know there are men who are not black that have have big dicks just as there are black men with little dicks. What secret? I like descriptive books but this one was overkill.

Girl it’s your story you rock it the way you want, but I have always been told you write to your audience. This is how I see it.

Book Two

This book starts six months after Cambria is arrested and she and Dorian have broken up. Dorian is there for her and once the court case is over Dorian come over to thier old place and has dinner and an after dinner snack just he climaxes he drops a domb on her.

That Dorian has big balls the size of baseballs, introducing Cambria to his fiance. It seems like Dorian can’t stay away from Cambria. So the cat is out of the bag Cambria has confessed and this book is another CLIFFHANGER!!!

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