Book Review: How I See It ~ Creed: Eyewitness ~ Phoenix Daniels

29547990Well, I didn’t see that coming!!!

I first read a snippet of this story in the 7 Degrees of Alpha Box and the cliffhanger was a doozy. I was so happy that I did not have to wait long to read the rest of this story. My hats off to you Ms. Phoenix Daniels, I thought the Beautiful Prey series was something to write about, but this story right here!!! Girl, you did the dang thang with this one.

Taylor Montgomery, a Chicago cop, meets Victor Creed, the Governor of Illinois, and the electricity between these two is offer the charts. Victor had seen Taylor earlier that day and was drawn to her, but once she attended a function at his mansion he had to meet her. Taylor attended the Governor’s function at the behest of her sister Nicole. Victor wasted no time in letting Taylor know of his interest in her. Things became hot and heavy really quick.

An incident on Taylor job, leaves her and her partner Maria facing danger however, it appears that someone has it out for them when first Maria then Taylor is shot. During this time we meet Victor’s brothers Lincoln, Alexandre, Lucas and Jaysen, we can see there will be at least 2 more stories with the brothers Creed (Lincoln and Kena/Lucas and Bella).

We soon learn who was behind the shootings and why, but hold onto your hats we soon learn who was behind Maria’s shooting…

Will Taylor and Victor get there happy ending? Phoenix Daniels you were so wrong for that, how the hell…

Hurry up with the next book please!

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