Bood Review ~ How I See It: Heavy Love ~ Amarie Avant

29491425Angelique Curtis “Jelly” to her friends is like most women who are in dead end relationships with men who have a good woman, but what the one that will treat them like the gum on the bottom of thier red bottoms. Jelly had been dating Carlton for years. She had dreams and aspirations of marrying him one day, even though he fed her lines of BS until one day she overheard his conversation with on of his colleagues and realized that Carlton had been feeding her line and she had been buying them.

Franco de Leon, a larger than life chef, who had a love/lust affair with Lido Ali. Hmm, is he what cause the fight between Lido and her live-in lover Veronica in the “The Good Mistress.” Franco is still nursing a broken heart from the aftermath of hurricane Lido. He cannot function well, so much so that his friends try to throw an intervention after he walks off his show in the midst of filming.

Both Angelique and Franco head to Spain for different reasons; however, they do cross paths and the passion between them is undeniable even they got off on the wrong start. Many women (in my opinion) can relate to Jelly, in the sense of loving someone fully who does not love you back the same.

The only reason I gave this story 4 stars, is because the book felt like a cliffhanger at the end. I did not realize I was at the end of the book, it was over too soon! Hopefully we will see more of Jelly and Franco in Melody’s story. I want to know what is driving her away from her husband.

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