Book Review: How I See It ~ Blue Dream & Purple Haze ~ Xavier Neal

This books were awesome. It is a story about no matter how much time has past real true love will always find its way back.

Blue Dream ~ Book One

In this book we meet Presley Morrison and Ryder Collins, in the present while learning about their past. Presley has been a relationship for five years that is boringly predictable with a man who does not want the same things that she does. Ryder is currently and hopefully going through his last bout of rehab. Each having to deal with the aspects of their past Ryder while in rehab meets Doc who is determined to help Ryder face is demons head on so that this is really his last time in rehab. Katherine, Presley’s best friend, is using her for a case study in her books and is making Presley confront a lot about herself present relationship included. As part of Ryder’s treatment Doc has him write a letter to the one person he hurt the most, Presley. During her talks with Katherine and her parents Presley coming to the conclusion that she should end things with Xander, her current boyfriend. At the end of book one Presley receives a letter from Ryder and a ring from Xander. Will she choose the ring?

A Merrick McCoy sighting!

Purple Haze (Blue Dream) ~ Book Two

Purple Haze is the continuation of Blue Dream and we already learned in Compassion how this story end :-(. In this book Presley has broken-up with Xander and moved out. However, she is having trouble with moving into her own place and has asked Merrick to assist her with the move. Ryder has been attending meeting and living with his brother Noah, who is constantly trying to get him to go see thier father. Something Ryder wants nothing to do with. Ryder is answering an ad for a roommate place by Merrick and after some questioning. They become roommate and Merrick enlist his help in moving Merrick’s “Boss Lady” aka Presley. Ryder is not aware of this. Merrick even hooks Ryder up with a job. One night Merrick invites Presley and Ryder out bowling. Presley show-up first and he’s having fun although feeling a little uncomfortable with the affection displayed by Merrick and Jovi. (She wants that, but she wants it with the one person she believes she can’t have.) Ryder shows up and when Merrick tries to introduce them Presley abruptly leaves with Ryder calling after her and then having to explain it to Merrick and Jovi thier connection when Jovi asked if Presley is coming back. Jovi convinces him to do just that. After one trying day Presley gets home and Ryder is waiting for her and she denies all of two milliseconds and the sparks fly and they hit the sheets HARD.

Knowing they need to talk these two cannot seem to keep their hand off of each other. Ryder is keeping things from Presley and Presley already told him she is not going back down that road with him again like they did in high school. Will Ryder be able to keep Presley in his life or will he make the mistakes of the past and lose her for good.

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