Book Review: How I See It ~ His Forbidden Bride: 50 Loving States, West Virginia ~ Theodora Taylor

HisForbiddenBrideI was provided an advance copy for an honest review. This is how I see it. Another good read from Ms. Taylor. I love how she interlaces her characters from different books.

At the beginning of this book, I am like WTH. Who threw her overboard mafia style?!. We last met Anitra in Her Russian Brute (Sola’s and Ivan’s story). When she called and told Sola that she had gotten married at first I thought it was to the mysterious buyer of Ivan’s house.

Anitra is a resident at UWV/Mercy Hospital in West Virginia when she meets John Doe (aka/Dixon Fairgood/Woods Mello) and befriends him. Anitra knows that she is acting out of character. For the life of her, she cannot figure out why this man affects her to the degree that she brings him gifts and lunches.When Ken mentions that ‘John’ is recovering faster than they would expect…I was thinking paranormal (maybe he is some kind of shifter).

When ‘John’ is released from the hospital she is supposed to take him to a men’s shelter, she takes him home instead. Things start to get real interesting from this point forward. They settle into a nice routine as a couple although Nitra is not all the way sold and ‘John’ is working on that both mentally and sexually.

Things really hit the fan when she travels back home and from their relationship takes a nose dive when they find out who ‘John’ really is other than being the half-brother of Colin Fairgood. My heart broke from them both when his true identity came out. (This is one of my favorite types of stories to read.) Woods is an Alpha male who will do what he has to do take care of the woman he loves and he does just that.

This story has an HEA, as well as an intro into another story. I look forward to the next installment of the 50 Loving States series. Well done Ms. Taylor, well done.

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