Book Review ~ How I See It: The Company ~ Olivia Gaines, Xyla Turner and Tiana Laveen

30038182I loved reading The Company, each story had its own uniqueness. This is my book review and how I see it.

Trapped by the Company ~ Olivia Gaines

In this story it you never judge a book by its cover. That is what Clarice Wilcox did with Elliot Mardsen. Elliot was trying to get to know Clarice better and see if he could at some point make her his wife. Clarice was not having none of that, despite dressing like she was librarian. Elliot still pursued her. Clarice has some underlying baggage and despite Elliot’s many attempts and her attraction to Elliot, Clarice wanted no parts of him as she believed that Elliot was a player of the highest degree. All of that changed one weekend they were trapped together at the Company.

Company Secrets ~ Xyla Turner

We first meet Sage Wesley, III in Trapped by the Company. Sage is The Company’s Director of Human Resources and a daywalking vampire. Xyla Turner puts an interest twist on this vampire story. In this tale of true mates, Sage finds his in Jessica Cayman. Jessica tries to get in touch with a counterpart over at The Company to discuss a business venture, however, she (and her assistant) are met with rudeness from Sage (and his assistant). Sage is ruder to her when Jessica burst in his office to discuss working together as the client wishes. Once Jessica leaves Sage seeks advice on how to get back in her good graces, he can’t for the life of him understand what is going on…he just know he cannot live without her.

Cruz Control: In Bad Company ~ Tiana Laveen

Okay, okay already. Dang Tiana, I know I have to read Saint’s books. Although this story is not about him he had me cracking up. Saint is hil-lar-ious!!! Back to Cruz Black (half DC and half AC), trying to find his place in this world. Saint sends Cruz on a mission to L.A. to investigation a possible hate crime against Randy Hollister, an executive at The Company, who is a white male married to a black female. At a party at The Company, Cruz meets Erika and there is an instant attraction on both parts. As the investigation moves forward and Cruz and Erika become closer, Cruz feels he needs to tell Erika the truth and things head south fast. As Erika’s emotions scream at Cruz, he becomes dejected at the thought of losing his “Queen.” Love wins out in this tale and as Erika learns more about Cruz and his world, Saint wants his daymn dessert he has been asking Cruz about. This is a tale of good overcoming evil with an interesting twist.

Well done ladies, well done!

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