Book Review: How I See It – His Revenge Baby ~ Theodora Taylor

30043134I wondered how this story was going to play out, after reading a snippet of it from ‘His Forbidden Bride.’ Lilliana Tucker gave her all for people who didn’t give much if nothing to her. She made BIG sacrifices for those that she loved and receiving nothing in return. We were first introduced to Lilli in Anitra and Dixon Fairgood/Woods Mello’s story. The beginning of Lilli (Ana) and No’s story (Can I just say Norio’s nickname of No became a little confusing for me when they were getting busy. This is not a negative comment.) is something unexpected and takes us into customs that we have yet to image.

Now when Lilli, had her conversation with us while she was waiting for her interview and told us they were all naked, I was like Say What Now! Girl, you are better than me. I love my family, but even I have limits as to what I would do for them and if they treated me like they treated Lilli there is not that much love in the world. Norio felt an attraction to Ana (Lilli), that he did not quite understand and wanted to deny because he felt that it made him weak. I wanted so badly to have a come to Jesus meeting with Rudy and Doug about how they treated Lilli.

I loved the way Ms. Taylor connected character’s from her other books into this story. I was provided an advance copy for my honest review. In my opinion, you will not be disappointed in how this story ends.

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