Book Review: How I See It ~ The Baby Dilemma by Cleo Jones


I was provide an advanced copy for an honest review. This is my review and how I see it.

Exs from high school Asher and Bianca reconnect unexpectedly years later when Bianca moves into the same building with some mutual old high school’s friend, who Asher still hang-out with. Bianca is “she who shall not be named,” when it comes to Asher and Bianca never knew the reason why he broke up with her. One day they come face to face when Lauren invites Bianca and Chantay (forgetting Bianca was previously invited) invites Asher to dinner. Things become a little uncomfortable for everyone at Lauren and Chantay’s place.

Asher, male lead character in this story needed to grow-up. He was not a well developed character in my opinion. He acted like he was still in high school. I am glad the Bianca was able to clear up the lie that was told to her and about her with one phone call, although Asher was still in doubt about her innocence. One thing lead to another for these two twice, they could not keep their hands off each other.

Asher current girlfriend, Sasha was too much for me; however, what she did was a typical more for an insecure woman, who lost the man anyway.

I felt this book left a lot of unanswered question for some of the characters and ended a little rushed at the end and then jump many years ahead, with a HEA. A good read and some parts made me laugh.

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