Book Review: How I See It ~ The Naughty Sins of a Saint ~ Tiana Laveen

19166401I first heard of Saint from his cameo in ‘Cruz Control: In Bad Company,’ and I just had to read more about him. Saint was such a character in that story. Author Tiana Laveen brings it with the male and female leads of her stories. Saint is such an in your face no nonsense character. As I read this book he and his thoughts came alive for me. From the things that he said to his feelings about his ‘queen’ Xenia, when he finally found her. Talk about turning up the heat, those two right here, Fire!!!

Saint practiced what he preached and lived it, to the point that he protected her to the point that he almost lost his life. As I read this book, I kept thinking this man right here and where can I find me a ‘Rainbeau’ man.

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