Book Review: How I See It ~ Dangerous Beauty: Part Four: Beautifully Broken ~ Michelle Hardin


This is my review and how I see it.

This is the long awaited fourth book in the Dangerous Beauty series and Michelle Hardin did not disappoint. Another 5-star story written by Michelle Hardin. Kyle and Reanna’s story is one filled with closure, discover and growth.Two broken souls who become beautifully broken together and heal each other. Both Kyle and Reanna are fighting what they feel for each other Kyle more so than Reanna. Kyle is still involved with Aniyah and Reanna friend and sister are telling her that she is giving Kyle all of the benefits with her receiving any of the awards. Kyle’s worst night starts coming true when Reanna starts to pull away and dating a former boyfriend, this does not sit well with Kyle. Without Reanna around Kyle’s night terrors become increasingly worse so bad that his daughter mention them to Kyle’s father. We learn more about Kyle as well as Reanna’s background and what made them who they are as adults.

Everyone can see how Kyle loves Reanna, but Kyle is not willing to take the chance on what he feels for her until it is almost too late.

Little did Kyle know the monster of his dreams is back and his father was aware that she had been released she will be coming for Kyle. The way Kyle broke up with Aniyah and the way she reacted was classic. Kyle let Aniyah know in no certain term that she was not the woman he wanted to be with nor did he love her and knew that she did not love him. I liked the confrontation between Reanna and Aniyah especially when Reanna called for Michele to remove Aniyah.

Reanna handled Aniyah with class. I felt that Reanna should not have have felt guilty or apologized to Aniyah for what happened with Kyle. I believe Aniyah new on some level Kyle’s feelings toward Reanna.

Ana and Carter together is lethally wow.

We see some of our character favorites Nathan, Lucca, Dante, Mikilo, Ana, Gabriel, Sofia and meeting a new one Michele. And Carter’s squad, those are some straightforward no nonsense group of women.

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