Book review | My thoughts— Yours 2–Gaining Experience

This is my review and how I see it. Well dayum, dayum, dayum, Ms. Blue you put your foot into this story right here. Gurl, I was like aw suki suki now and shucky ducky quack quack all up and through this book. So happy to see my man Wyatt!!! Anywho, that Nick {girly sigh}, that man {fangirl squeal}, that man right there. If you could bottle him up, you would have more money than the one percenters twenty times over. When Nick horned is attention on to Regina when she said Sephora’s name my heart almost stopped. When Sephora entered the room, you could hear an ant walk and did everyone scurry to get out of that room with a quickness.

Man, I do not care what her mother’s reasons were. She could have chosen a different course of action that always belittling Sephora like she did. Sometimes people don’t think you don’t build people up (such as thing like making them thick skinned) by tearing them down, always finding fault and nitpicking at them. Bravo to Nick for standing up for his woman. What the blogger was saying about Sephora’s hair and eye-color was, just plain ignorance, I have see dark complexioned people with hair and eyes like that. If you live long enough and travel some you will too.

There was that one scene in here that was beautiful {girly sigh}. By the end of the book: It. Just. Got. Real. Again, wow. This was a good read and it keeps getting better from book to book. Ready (patiently waiting) to read book 3!!! You can tell the author put a lot of herself into this book.

Follow the #bluecrack clues–Yours 3–Mastering Life is next.

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