Book review | My thoughts—Yours 3–Life Mastered

This is my review and how I see it. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness…this series right here is the Ms. Blue, girl you gave me life reading this series. It was such a joy going on this ride with Nick and Sephora as well as seeing Sephora come into her own.

I did not see that coming, my mind started working overtime trying to solve the mystery and when I did…I had that OMG moment, gurl that right there blew my mind. Certain parts had me sitting on the edge of my seat has I rode the train to and from work while reading this book on my reader.

So many unexpected things happened in this story with Nick and Sephora and those that they love. You have my interest peak wanting to learn more about Cole “Brooklyn” O’Brien, this is the second time he has shown up. It would have been lovely to see Uri when Harvey stated that they wanted him ‘Hushed.’

Baby, when Nick had Brooklyn and Sam on the phone it was like ‘It just got Real’ and ‘It’s about to go down.’

Blue Saffire did that with this story right here. I give it a perfect 10. Keep doing you and let your gift speak for you and through you. This is an excellent series to read. Somebody needs to take this and put them on the Big screen or LMC. These books need to be visualized and televised.

Follow the #bluecrack clues–Baller 2–His Final Play is next.

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