Book Review: How I See It ~ Forever ~ Tiffany Patterson

31426645This is my review and how I see it. This story was awesome. Ms. Patterson, you write some good Alpha male stories and the women who love them complement them is just the right way. To be this book brought about an awareness of an ever increasing problem in our society and I am glad it was addressed.

All Landon [loved him] wants to do is marry the love of his life Melody, but it seems that an ex of his is setting out to keep that from happening. Landon tries to keep this from affecting Melody by trying to keep from out of the situation, which is is very alpha male about. As things keep happening with Landon, Melody is concerned about one of her students and some of her old demons come to light which she shares with Landon.

Melody has to let Landon, know that she is team Landon all the way when she enlist the help of Jeremy (whose story I am ready to read), who enlist the help of the Scorpion aka Coral. It was nice to see her and Liam by the way. Melody put the smack down on her and Landon trouble making exs.

I have the is my 5th book by Tiffany Patterson and it will not be my last.

This is my review and how I see it.


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