Book Review: How I See It ~ No Regrets (A Tale of Three Hearts #3) ~ Sienna Mynx

18362597This is my review and how I see it. This is the final book in this explosive series. Daisy is happily married to Aiden Keane and Pete is married to Nina, although one would question whether he is truly happy or is he still longing for Daisy. At the midst of the drama between Daisy, Aiden and Pete is a sweet little girl Amy. Aiden has learned that Amy is his daughter and wants the world and Pete to know the truth. Aiden does not like that Amy calls Pete Daddy and Pete does not like that Amy and Aiden say that he not Aiden is the real father.

When this story concludes one man will have a broken heart and another man will have a second chance at life. This was a good final chapter. In some ways it does have a happy ending for all parties.

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