Book Review: How I See It ~ Broken (Love Never Fails Book 1) ~ Camille Mackenzie

31441526This is my review and how I see it.

This is my first book by this author and for this being her first book. It was pretty damn good. The story is about two broken people who discover love for each other, inspite of thier differences. Sora Matthews flees her abusive fiancé and finds refuge in a small town of Clearwater, Georgia. One night as she takes the stage to sing, she feels someone looking at her.

Roman “Beast” Gage, of Chained Angels MC, sees Sora as she takes the stage and he is drawn to her. One little problem, he belongs to a MC who does not mix races. However, his attraction to her is more powerful than his loyalty to his club. Roman comes from a very troubled past.

As their worlds start to collide: Sora’s abusive fiancé David has found her and Roman’s president is going in a direction which doesn’t sit well with Roman. In order to protect Sora, Roman pushes her away in order to protect her. However Sora walks right in to the arms of danger when she leaves Romans and runs home to her mother. I wanted to throat punch her mother, she (Sora’s mother) should have never had a child. Sora’s mother sold her like cattle to her former fiancé.

This story has a HEA and I can’t wait to read Chase’s story. I hope Navy has a story as well.

This is my review and how I see it.

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