Book Review: How I See It ~ ENVY Deceptive Desires #1 (Romantic Suspense) ~ Amarie Avant

32033681This is my review and how I see it. This book right here made me want to throat punch Elise, Charlene, Sharon and Pierre and nut punch Liam. There are reasons why people should not be deceptive and self-absorbed.

Wait, wait, wait…is Calum Liam’s brother?

Let talk about Elise, Liam’s mother who thought she was getting away with her lie only to find out the only people who did not know where Liam and Jonathan. When her mother laid it out for her. I was like Whoa, Ms.Thang thought she had covered her tracks. Elise is a total pill, now if her father leaves her with nothing and Jonathan divorces her that is only the least of what she deserves.

Charlene, I didn’t blame Raven when she told her that she did not want anything to do with her. She came at Raven shooting first and not asking questions. As much has she hurt that girl and the fact that they were trying to build a relationship thanks in part to her husband. They always say a mother knows and Charlene know who Raven’s father is despite the lies that were cooked up to state otherwise.

Sharon, really, what type of grown a$$ woman, tells her friend to play games with a man that gets an innocent man killed. Raven should not have listen to her with the game playing. The only thing I agree with in the fact that Raven should have told Liam about Royael. After that there was no need for any more games.

Pierre, he wants to play god with Liam’s life and wants things how he wants them. Obviously he raised Liam to good, but Liam did not turn out quite like he thought he would. Liam has his own mind and that heart of his mind will alway lead him back to Raven.

Liam, Liam, oh my goodness. This boy needs to grow-up. He throws tantrums like he is a child. Raven opened back up to him and at the first hurdle after they connect he hurts her to the point that she almost…well read the book to find out what happens to Raven.

Ms. Avant, what I want to know is…WTH is in that box?!!!

A great build onto the first story…ready for book three. I am rooting for Liam and Raven.

This is my review and how I see it.

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