Book Review: How I See It ~ Ballers 2: His Final Play ~ Blue Saffire

32057394This is my review and how I see it. Oh my-my-my…This book right here was truly riddles with answers, clues and some things we never saw coming. A perfect way to set the stage for upcoming stories. First, let me say this, Ms. Blue you threw me starting this story somewhere near the end, gotta tell ya. Love the recap…you did that girl.

If Blue Saffire wanted to keep you enthralled in this story from beginning to end and peak your interest for what is coming in the future…she did that in Ballers 2: His Final Play. First learning of Nico and Reese’s story in Ballers 1, this story really ties into that book, so if you have not read it (or any the other series, you are missing out in my opinion). I don’t know whether to say it was lust or love at first sight for Nico and Reese…but if I were a character in this book I am sure I would have felt the electric chemistry between Nico and Reese. He let her know in no uncertain terms that he desired her.

Ty, Reese’s husband and all around dirt bag…no one likes him not even Nico who has never met him. His secret comes to bit him in the worst way and Reese is devastated. I could not believe he deluged that much of his personal life to someone who did not mean anything to him or so he says.

But when Nico finds out what brings Reese to his door a wreck, he sees his chance and claims her right then and there. But lets her know straight up he will not fully claim her while she is still married and her divorce from Ty was faster than a speeding bullet. Those Donati’s and Marietta’s don’t play when they want something done they get it done.

There were times in this book that I laughed and cried during the heartbreaking moments. Some things in this book are made very clear and you know of some of the heartaches that are coming.

Blue Saffire took us on an emotional ride with Nico and Reese. I felt their pain as they tried to protect the other from the heartache of each moment that was written out. The things we do for love.

Thank you for giving us a tiny glimpse into the future.

This is my review and how I see it.

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