Book Review: How I See It ~ Die By the Drop ~ Kaia Bennett

30743931This is my review and how I see it. This is my fourth story by this author. I enjoyed this book! A very dark erotica story. If you do not like non-consent stories, pass this one by…although I have to tell you I could not put it down (except to work, even then it was hard).

As a reader of this fascinating book, I had to see what was going to happen to Evie, what she would do on this forced journey with Jesse, Vaughn, and Liam. Jesse the leader of the group took a real liking to Evie. I believe Vaughn wanted her even though all he thought of doing was making her his personal toy and then killing her and Liam I am not so sure, maybe he already had his one true love…

The dynamic between the three vamps was interesting as well as how Jesse treated Evie right up till then end. Evie proved to be a beta heroine with alpha tendencies as she fought to survive her living nightmare. I hope there is more to this story, and I hope Evie can fight the bloodlust Jesse unknowingly left her with or did he know what was going to happen?

Will Jesse come for Evie or will something more sinister come for her in the form of Jesse’s father or one of his minions? I truly believe Jesse has feelings for Evie or her would not have kept her alive.

He did not seem to be as upset about Vaughn as he was about Liam…I wonder why? Interesting very interesting…indeed very interesting. Kaia Bennett, this book right here…girl I am so hot with you about the cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read the rest of the story.

This is my review and how I see it.

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