Book review | My thoughts—Legally Bound 5.1–Illegal Dealings • Tasha

5.1 of the Legally Bound series by Blue Saffire is a Girl, you did that…O my goodness…I cannot wait for the rest for these stories. The chemistry between Sam and Tasha is off the charts. It was interesting how seeing the different interactions between Sam and Ellen, as well as Tasha and Carlton. Sam is in denial, and Ellen is trying to steer him toward his destiny. Sam can’t let go of her (Tasha). Feening for the rest of this story and it closed up some gaps for me.

Again, this book was the bomb. Czar and Camille? I am guessing the author’s characters already know who their leading ladies are. I am just throwing that out there, not that we have seen them interact. I am ready for Brooklyn’s story.

This is my review and how I see it. This story can be found in the special edition collection.

Follow the #bluecrack clues–Legally Bound 5.2–Illegal Treasures • Camille is next.

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