Book Review: How I See It ~ CRAVE Deceptive Desires 2 (Romantic Suspense) ~ Amarie Avant

32454389This is my review and how I see it. In CRAVE Deceptive Desires 2 (Romantic Suspense)  author Amarie Avant, continues the story of Raven and Liam. We pick-up sometime after Christmas with Liam and Raven enjoying time with each other. Raven and Liam made me so mad with them. They did not learn from book one about keeping secrets from each other.

Liam/Raven/Tyriq – this triangle is a disaster waiting to happen. Raven unintentionally reached out to Tyriq for his help with her blackmailers. Raven is taking money from Liam to pay off a blackmailer instead of telling Liam the truth about what she did. She put not only herself, but her baby in harms way. Tyriq has a hidden agenda when it comes to Raven, he wants her and in his twisted mind he believes that he loves her. Liam loves Raven, but is keeping secrets that he is traveling on business for the family hotel chain. It seems that Liam and Raven keep lying to protect each other when the truth will work better. Now Raven has to keep Tyriq at arms length. She should have done more than slap him the first time he kissed her. What is that crazy Tyriq up to at the end. Where is Raven, I hope he does not have her and if he does I hope she doesn’t stay with him.

Charlene/Damien- Raven’s parents are too much in this story. In this story we see more into the lives of these two. It comes out that Charlene cheated on Damien before they were married giving Damien a good cover to keep Charlene and Trinity save from what he has gotten himself into with Debbie. It is not good once they tell Raven about the divorce.

Royale – That child. Wow is all I can say. So Raven has noticed the way that Royale looks at Noah. The author gave us some insight into what this child was thinking even thought the malevolent thought were toward her brother. We got to glimpse inside her thoughts of what she has been feeling since the birth of her brother. I few times I thought she was going to carry the thoughts out. I am just glad she didn’t.

I was more than confused at why Raven kept reaching out to Tyriq and even inquiring about him, especially after he more than showed interested in her. Was it more like curiosity killing the cat, in this cast satisfaction was not going to bring that cat back. Raven and Liam, mostly Raven made me so mad with her throughout this book. I had to walk away, several times.

This book is for anyone who likes a good thriller that will have you questioning what is the heroine, hero, or villain going to do next. This book has you try to guess who is the real villain here.

This is my review and how I see it.


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