Book Review: How I See It ~ Secrets She Keeps ~ Amarie Avant

This is my review and how I see it. In Secrets She Keeps author Amarie Avant, main female lead Reese Durham has secrets, but none has explosive as the secrets her mother holds. Throughout this story Reese has more than one secret that could turn out to be detrimental to her one-night stand, that goes beyond that, with Evan Zaccaro (a cop). Once Reese finds out that he is a cop she tells him in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t do cops.

Her first s32761154ecret regarding her father and the second one she kept with her best friend Jamie. Evan notices that the guy he is after slipped a roofie into Reese’s drink and steps in to rescue her. There is undeniable chemistry between the two. A wrench is cast into the mix when Reese’s mother marries the Evan’s father. Talk about a twist, Reese and Evan go from a one-night stand (although Evan has made up his judgement that it is going to be more than one night) two step-siblings. Oh, Reese’s mother is a trip.

I found this story to be a good suspenseful read as I delved into its pages and could not put it down. I wanted to see if Reese was going to tell Evan her secrets and if we were getting to see Reese finally tell her mother off. Reese’s mother Lolita, shaking my head, was just selfish. I don’t care if she said she loves her daughter, but what sort of mother does that. I wish Reese would have popped her one. [Side note: I don’t condone or believe that children should be disrespectful to his or her parent(s).]

Author, Amarie Avant, told this story. There were many explosive secret
s but none like the one Lolita told (that I wish I could say) destroyed her relationship with Reese for good. Reese proved that she would go hard for those that she loves and Evan proved that he would go to Naples and back to Reese even to the stage of killing for her. Once Evan claimed Reese as his, he was not letting her run.

This story is for anyone who likes to read books, where the man loves a complicated woman who has secrets that can tear at the very fabric of the relationship has it starts and who will stick it out, by not only telling her, but showing her that he will not leave no matter what.

This is my review and how I see it.

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