Book Review: How I See It ~ His to Own: 50 Loving States: Arkansas ~ Theodora Taylor

32885017This is my review and how I see it. In His to Own, author Theodora Taylor, this interracial tale where a white racist falls for a black woman. She explores the story of Mason Fairgood whom we first met in ‘The Forbidden Bride.’ This story [my opinion] runs of parallel with Dixon’s story as they are both selling arms for the SFK. Don’t get it twisted the differences between Mason’s and Dixson’s story are visible.

Mason is an alpha male with a heart of gold and he proves it in this story. Mason is selling arms to Razo when Jordan (a kid with a soccer ball) hits Mason’s prized motorcycle. June jumps in front of Jordan thinking Mason is going to shoot Jordan (well maybe he was), for her trouble June is punished by Razo. Mason ask Razo how much does he want for June (Mason really can’t believe what he is doing) and Razo makes him an offer which includes Mason motorcycle to sweeten the deal and Razo adds Jordan with the deal.

Mason/June: Both have had a hard knocks life and have in their own way dealt with abuse from others yet they final find comfort and love with each other. It was a rocky road that leads them there. When Mason comes back after being gone for months and their sense in the bathroom when June cannot resist bathing him is one of my favorites in this story.

June/Jordan: They tragically lost their mothers to drugs at the same time and became prisoners of Jordan’s cousin Razo for six hellish years suffering his abuse only to be freed and later brought back to their nightmare again.

Theodora: who did not see that coming. At first, I was like huh, wait a minute, what happen to June, Jordan and Mason.

Ms. Taylor, you did that with the epilogue. If you don’t like interracial of white racist who falls in love with a black woman, this book is not for you. If you believe that love can conquer all, even hate and a white racist can fall in love with a black woman then this is a book for you to read.

If you want to know what happened with Mason in L.A. you will need to read the Dixon’s story.

Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.

This is my review and how I see it.

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