Book Review: How I See It ~ Feverish Unbroken ~ LaShawn Vasser

T33139454his is my review and how I see it. In Feverish Unbroken, author LaShawn Vasser writes a story of mistrust and broken hearts. Imani and Garrett have an instant attraction upon meeting each other which is not denied for long.

Imani Jones is carrying out her life plan in Chicago as an Interior design when the rug is pulled from under her when she is fired from her job. She heads home to Atlanta, but when she gets there she learns that her room is occupied by a stranger that her brother brought home.

Garrett Hadley just had his world rocked. His brother is trying to steal his company from him, his wife is having an affair with his brother and his son is not his biological son. Garrett meets Maddon Jones in an airport and tells him his story and Maddon invites him to come home with him to get away from his problems for a while.

Garrett and Imani keep in touch with each other and soon circumstances led them to get married for Garrett to keep his son Garrett Jr. Raymond has other plans and begins to work on Imani, who has told him to leave her alone, yet he does not take the hit and keeps working his agenda even to the point of throwing a wedge in between Garrett and Imani succeeding.

When an earthquake hits Chicago, we learn what is driving Raymond’s hatred of Garrett, as Garrett, Imani, Raymond and some of Garrett’s staffers are trapped while trying to get to safety.

While this book does have an HEA ending the lead male has too many trust issues that he is close to losing the wife that he loves. The story moves between the present and the past throughout the story, these are not flashbacks.

This story is for anyone who likes a happy ending where even though in some parts
the male lead makes it hard for you to love me because he is so misunderstood and makes it hard to understand why he is so difficult.

The author has provided a free copy of her work in exchange for an honest review.

This is my review and how I see it.

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