Book Review: How I See It ~ Power of the Pen ~ Xyla Turner

This is my review and how I see it. In Power of the Pen, by author Xyla Turner, is a story of twopower-of-the-pen unlikely people who are really enemies (they don’t know this at first). Lauren James is a blogger who has an unusual relationship with author Z. Hays who writes BDSM stories. For the years that indie author Z. Hays has written books, MzJames (Lauren) has written a critical review about them.

The meeting of these two is an interesting one in the parking lot of The Em. When they finally meet she and Zach have instance chemistry although Lauren is unaware that he is the man from the parking lot from that night. Either can get the other out of their mind and it rocks Zach’s world when he finds out that the woman that he is falling for is his nemesis. The thing at this point take a strange turn for Lauren as Zach leave abruptly and days go by without hearing from him. Once they finally get back on track things blow-up again, when Lauren find out who his and it is not pretty.

This book has a happy ending and is for anyone who likes reading book where enemies become lovers.

I obtained a copy of this book through instafreebies.

This is my review and how I see it.

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