Book Review: How I See It ~ Where The Pieces Fall: Lost Hearts Series Book 1 ~ Blue Saffire

34793828This is my review and how I see it. In Where The Pieces Fall author Blue Saffire gives us the inspiring story of Caleb and Nicole. Their story defies the odds that everyone can find love and love can and will conquer all. As this story unfold the author starts near the end of their story then brings us back to where it all started. The story played with my emotions and had me going on an emotional roller coast from happy to sad to angry and back to happy again. This book has smoking hot parts. Author Blue Saffire wrote her a$$ off in this book, she really put her foot in it.

Nicole – a shy college student who meet Caleb a star baseball player

Caleb – a star baseball player who meet the only woman who can touch more than his heart.

Not only are Caleb and Nicole endearing, their support characters are as well. I hope that Cameron (Caleb’s twin gets his own story [hint hint]).

I have to agree with Nicole about Caleb’s mom. She was not worth a throat punch, she need to be slapped back to the day she was born to learn some manners.

This story is for anyone who believes that love is for everyone.

This is my review and how I see it.

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