Book Review: How I See It ~ While They Watch ~ Sosie Frost & Lana Grayson

34839746This is my review and how I see it. Authors, Sosie Frost and Lana Grayson, spin a BDSM tale of a younger innocent Morgan and an older Anthony who meet at a club called Duchess by chance. This book explores Morgan need to belong to Anthony an exhibitionist dom. We experience everything from Morgan’s point of view.

This book for me started off very slowly and I can understand the character relationship building and much of it for me was the humiliation for Morgan. I have read other BDSM books in the past with alpha males and they don’t share their women. Another man cannot gaze upon the body of their submissive.

At some point, I began to think that Simone and Anthony were still in a relationship with each other or she, Simone, was jealous of Morgan. What I did not like was that Morgan’s character was just too needy, where I understand the need of the submissive to submit Morgan was a bit much to take sometimes.

Anthony would’ve had to learn today, talk about the DEFCON level 4 humiliation. I wanted to stop reading this book at Chapter 13. Anthony made me so mad with him and I wanted to slap some sense and a backbone into Morgan.

This book was not for me…Chapter 13 made me so mad I almost threw my Kindle.

This book is for anyone who likes a story of humiliation. This is not your normal fifty shades of grey, it is more like fifty shades of fked sideways and fked-up.

The author has provided a free copy of her work in exchange for an honest review.

This is my review and how I see it.

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