Book Review: How I See It ~ Doing It To Death: Shivers and Sins Volume 2 ~ Kaia Bennett

34664789This is my review and how I see it. Doing It To Death, Shivers and Sin Volume II, is a must read. This book is not for the weak. Author, Kaia Bennett, in her second installment of Shivers and Sins Volume II: Doing It To Death explores the next chapter of Evie’s and Jesse’s story from Jesse’s point of view. The author takes you back to the beginning just after Jessie has killed Evie and gives readers a view of what happen, while Evie was reborn as a vampire and escaped her watery grave, with Jesse and Vaughn. If Ms. Bennett’s purpose was to keep me enthralled with this story she did her job, I could not put it down. This book is for anyone who likes dark erotic stories that don’t turn out quite like they would expect them too. A reader would be very surprised at how this tale unfolds. If you do not like dark erotic stories deal in non-consent and death, this book is not for you.

As a reader, I was so happy to get the opportunity to read the second installment, and I will be checking my email looking out for Volume III. The author really took me on a thrill ride with Jesse, Evie, Vaughn, and Stark (Evie’s werewolf guardian). What Ms. Bennett did with Jesse and Vaughn by the end of this book was WOW!!! As I read this story it was as if I were seeing things through the eyes of the characters, feeling what they felt (especially Jesse and Evie) as Jesse described the events has they happened. I still miss Liam as Jesse and Vaughn do, it would have been interesting to see how all of this played out if he were still alive (in a manner of speaking).

As much as Jesse and Evie wanted to break their bond it was like they were tethered together in an invisible force of nature they had no control over. The interaction between the main characters was so intense and the supporting characters were so will developed. This was more of the books that you just cannot put down. Author, Kaia Bennett, by the end of this book I was like “Wait…What! I was not ready for this at all! I was looking for my happy ending, dammit!”

I will be watching for the rest of the story.

The author has provided a free copy of her work in exchange for an honest review.

This is my review and how I see it.



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