Book Review: How I See It ~ My Storm ~ Tiffany Patterson

34909289This is my review and how I see it. Author Tiffany Patterson has done it again, in My Storm. This book started off hot and only continued to burn brighter as it went. At first, I was wondering who Jeremey was speaking of and to now know that is was Coral’s (This is Where I Sleep) secret little sister Tasha made for a more interesting read. Just remembering Coral’s reaction to Andre (Black Butterfly) about Stacey, I could only imagine what Coral would do to Jeremey if he hurt Tasha.

Both Jeremy and Tasha had difficult past and Tasha’s broke my heart. And to see, this real-life situation play out in this story, through the mind’s eye of Tiffany Patterson, girl I salute you. H3ll, I thought Nikola, Raul, Andre, Liam, and Landon were the shiznit, but man oh man that Jeremy was nothing nice either.

One of my favorite parts of the book, was after their first night together when she was able to overcome her writer’s block that she made her way to his office laptop and all.

This book is for anyone who likes to read about overcoming obstacles and finding love when you did know you were looking for it.

Jeremy was my hero, during Trudy’s situation, he was having flashbacks of what he would have done if Coral had not beaten him to it.

Jeremy did not know what he needed along was LaTasha his Storm.

This is my review and how I see it.

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