Book Review: How I See It ~ Revealed (Redemption) ~ Samyah Leighton

28925029This is my review and how I see it. In Revealed author, Samyah Leighton explores different points of view. In the second book of this series, it picks up from when Skylar’s ex-husband Chris has located her and shows up at Jackson’s house. Chris is not at all who Skylar thinks he is especially when he knocks her around when she tells him that she is not going anywhere with him. Jackson and Sutton arrive back home and Jackson finds the note that Chris made Skylar write.

In this book, we find out Skylar’s secret and the reason Jackson has so much animosity towards her. This secret is life alternating and Skylar will do what she can to protect both Jackson and Sutton. However, she did not sign-up for the hell that Chris put her through.

The second book is must read worthy and if it was on television it would be TGIT. I just could not put this books down, as in I completed in the same day. Jackson finally gets a glimpse of Skylar, will he realize that Sutton was right and all things are not as though they seem or will he continue to have blinders on?

Secrets will be ‘Revealed’ in this book. This book gets dark in some parts and if you cannot handle non-consent do not read this book.

This story is for anyone who likes to read books about second chances.

This is my review and how I see it.

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