Book Review: How I See It ~ Condemned: Part One (Redemption) ~ Samyah Leighton

This is my review a34520871nd how I see it. In Condemned: Part One author, Samyah Leighton takes us back to the beginning at the point of Skylar’s whole life changing the news will not only bring her but Jackson as well to his knees. After the prologue we are taken to the point just after Jackson has been arrested and what happens following was definitely not what I expected. Talk about six degrees of separation.

Samayh Leighton does an excellent job of spinning this tell as the story unfolds. Things that will leave you wondering about in books one and two will come to light in book three. Jackson is condemned not just by public opinion, the officer who arrested him, but there is such a twist with the A.D.A, that I wanted to dial 1-800-Choke that Hoe. Book three is will take you on a ride and by the end of it, you want to help Skylar and Jackson bring down the those who threaten their family. Skylar’s father, I did not see that coming.

This third book in this series was another I could not put down until the end. Both Jackson and Skylar do a lot of growing in this book. I understood that Skylar was going through a lot in this story, but I was so like…Gurl, use your brain and find their weaknesses!

As the outside world ‘Condemned’ Jackson without knowing all the facts and tore a family apart for revenge, will Skylar the prodigy emerge and bring down condemnation to those who threaten her family.

This book is for anyone one who likes to read books where there are many caveats to the story. I read this series in two days it was just that good!

This is my review and how I see it.

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