Book review | My thoughts—Legally Bound 5.5–Legally Unbound

This is my review and how I see it. Blue Saffire has outdone herself once again in book 5.5 of the Legally Bound series. As she further explores the connection and the true selves of the main characters as they not only fight against what has been put into play but against who they are. Once these two come to that realization and understand that you can’t fight destiny, things will start to unfold in explosive and unexpected ways.

My emotions went on a wide range of spectrums in this book to the point that I laughed and cried during some parts and fangirl squealed during others: Fan-girling, the alpha women in this book.

If you like books where the heroine/hero is fighting against their true nature tooth and nail and then give up that fight and give in to their true self, then this book is for you.

Once again, like true #BlueCrack, this book is riddled with #BluesClues. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can say that this reader is looking forward to what Ms. Blue Saffire will dazzle us with next.

This is my review and how I see it.

Follow the #bluecrack clues–Lost Hearts 1-Where the Pieces Fall is next.

Dates read June 9-10, 2017

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