Book Review: How I See It–Chasing the Dragon ~ Tiana Laveen

35649321This is my review and how I see it. Author Tiana Laveen’s Chasing the Dragon is another awesome read. I love how she breaks down her book(s) before you can delve into the meat the very heart of the story. Chasing the Dragon is not for the weak of heart or mind.

I love how this story took two of the least likely people and brought them together in love and mutual respect. Sure their relationship got off to an intensely rocky start, once they got past all that Phoenix Hale showed you what type of man he was and Tiffany is his match in every way. Girl graduated summa and magna cum laude from CYA University.

I was not disappointed in reading this book, it is a mature content read. Is there a real Phoenix Hale out there? If yes, come find me. (Warning…you must exhibit all characteristics of the real Phoenix Hale. Imposters need not apply!) If you cannot deal with adult content and things that go on in real life, stay in your glass bubble. This book is not for you.

I still say Tiffany should have throat punch Cora.

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