Book Review: How I See It–Breaking Bad: 14 Tales of Lawless Love

34852225This is my review and how I see it. Breaking Bad: 14 Tales of Lawless Love by various authors. Some stories in this book are excellent reads. While I found myself scanning through others hoping to find a connection. Some authors will inform there is more to come later in for the story in the future.

  • Sharon Cooper: Indebted ~ An oh so bad boy cop and a good girl ADA.
  • Eve Vaughn: His Favorite ~ Two of the most unlikely people met again, under a set of circumstances one stole from the other and the other attempts to exact their payment but finds that they cannot leave the other be.
  • Caitlin Dare: Notorious ~ A bad boy actor who is really a boy scout in disguise.
  • A.M. Griffin: Dangerously Theirs ~ It was not my cup of tea. Can’t go into detail without spoilers.
  • LaQuette: Bedding The Enemy ~ Two bosses in bed together literally, yet they have no idea that they are really enemies or are they.
  • Bridget Midway: Drive Her ~ The lead characters to have a history and secrets are revealed that will turn one of the character’s life upside down.
  • Billy London: Hideout ~ I just could not get into this story.
  • Shyla Colt: Debt Collector’s Due ~ I love these types of stories, star-crossed lovers, and secrets.
  • Theodora Taylor: His To Possess ~ These two know each other; however, one is more aware of their past than the other.
  • Victoria H. Smith: One Hit ~ Good girl gets her bad boy.
  • Nia K. Foxx: His For The Taking ~ A paranormal read, a good one.
  • Xyla Turner: Rectified ~ A what’s a girl to do when faced with death, what will a man do when he took her last hope.
  • S.W. Frank: Bad Things Good Killers Do ~ The loss of a family can do things to a young mind, but the scent of a woman can do even more. My first read by the author, just wished that this is one of the books that would be followed up with more.
  • KoKo Brow: Star-Crossed ~ A never-ending cycle and this story does not end here. I could not really get into the characters. The female is stubborn and the man initially was (to me) weak.

This is my review and how I see it.

Dates read July 16-23, 2017

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