Book Review: How I See It–Alpha Awakening – Adam (La Patron’s Den Book 2) ~ Sydney Addae

35500426This is my review and how I see it. Author Sydney Addae in book two of the LaPatron’s Den series explores the life outside the den for the oldest pup from Silas and Jasmine Knight. Adam who we knew to be the mischievous one of his brother and sisters have gone to play Fut bol (soccer) in an overseas league. Life over there was not without its challenges for Adam.

When Adam meets Bella, his wolf wants to claim her right then and there; however, it seems this young pup is up against a challenge of a lifetime his mate is very unique. His mate is a virginal breeder who belongs to a religious commune.

While at some point I felt that Bella hindered Adam, as well as the untimeliness of the songs that she sang, was a bit inappropriate during the situations that were taking place. All in all, it was an enjoyable read.

I hope there wasn’t a clue left about Tomas in this book, it seemed unfair given the circumstances and it should not be like parents as so will be for the child.

This is my review and how I see it.

Dates read: July 30, 2017

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