Book Review: How I See It–2 Nights With You

Two Nights with You is about three close friends that travel to Tahiti, to get away from35248403 what is happening their lives back home. They never expected the out come of this trip will lead the past to love and a future past they two nights with the men they meet. The men will give these women what they did not know what they needed or could hope to have. The authors have provided a free copy of their work in exchange for an honest review.

Naima – Olivia Gaines
Rated: 4 stars
August 27-September 2, 2017

Naima’s story is about discovery. She discovers herself and allows herself to become freed through Derrick’s love. Derrick knew that he had found the one, who was meant for him in Naima, almost at first glance at a party she played hostess. He was drawn to her and now that that had crossed paths he was not going to let this opportunity pass him by to spend the chance of a life time with the woman he knows was made only for him…why because she is different.

Yuri – JK Rivers
Rated: 4
September 2-3, 2017

Yuri’s story is about taking chances. She took a chance on a stranger she met on a snorkeling outing. He treated her like a lady and on the first night told her he wanted more. Yuri laid herself bare to Sven her Lord Poiseden only to have her past and parents come back to haunt her. Things become a little rocky for them and Sven fights to get his angle back. Yuri takes a chance on Sven, but will she regret falling for him when his past, that he failed to mention, comes to light? I loved the way Yuri described Sven’s voice, dark chocolate, and melted marshmallows.

Leah – Tianna Laveen
Rated: 4.5
September 3-4, 2017

Leah’s story is about moving forward. As Leah is trying to rebuild her life, her friend Naima invites her on a trip to Tahiti. Leah’s plan is to just stay in her room and chill. When she decided to venture out her life makes an unexpected and welcome change in one Ceaser Toro. Leah and Ceaser, two nights bring more than what either has bargained for and Ceaser shows us just who he is with both his son and a situation with Leah arises. Bravo Ms. Leah, is handled that woman well.

This is my review and how I see it.

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