Book Review: How I See It―Hatsept Heat (Vampire Council of Ethics, #3) ~ T.J. Michaels

35392212My review, this is how I see it. Another good vampire and human mate story, by T.J. Michaels. Elite Seeker Kenoe Hatsept while on vacation feels the mate bond towards Shinju Maruyama, a teacher on a field trip with her class. While on vacation Kenoe stumbles across a man moving at vampire speed, but not a vampire and not a rogue. He calls into Alaan to inform him. Shinju is very attracted to Kenoe. However, she will not allow herself to become involved with him because of who her brother is and what he does.

Take about six degrees of separation, Kimora, a human from Kenoe’s brother’s harem is his mate’s cousin, her brother and his second is consorting with vampires and a former colleague of Dr. Carin. As Kenoe convinces Shinju to go with him to Montana, she learns that he is a vampire and it does not go well.

Can Kenoe have the love that he desires, even though he thought it was not in the cards for him?

My review and how I see it.

Date read September 11-12, 2017

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