Book Review: How I See It―Campus Prowl (Edson College Series Book One) ~ Kasey Moone

51Y1h0QnHmLMy first book by author Kasey Moone, this interracial paranormal love story was cute in that it had all the substance that you would expect of college life for a nerd who is crushing on the campus jock. I found Keshia to be a funny but serious about her work senior who had enemies and faced crushing disappointment like many college students who put professor on a pedestal and when their hero falls it is crushing.

Enters Rex Kellerton, Edson College “Yummiest Male on Campus,” for a lycan/werewolf I found him to be a little lacking in the alpha trait the most werewolves that I have read about or watched in movies. Rex was endearing in the way that he wanted his better half (how cute). I could understand his fear of being rejected, but he should not have lied to Keisha.

The cousin Nev, wow who has those types of conversations out in the open where anyone can hear.

All in all, this was a good read. This is my review and how I see it.

Date read: December  3-4, 2017

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