Book review | My thoughts―Brothers Black 3–Toby the Protector

Outstanding, simply outstanding!!!

Book three of the Brothers Black series by Blue Saffire, this author has a way of spinning a tale that satisfies the visual reader in me. As I read and my Kindle read to me was able to visualize people and scenes as they played out.

A bit confused at the beginning of Toby’s story; however, artistically, the author began to weave her magic, and the story came alive. What I didn’t like Toby kept so much from his family, and her family kept vital information from Kamara. I am all for forewarned is forearmed.

Blue Saffire is truly a literary genius when she writes. This is my review and how I see it. A recommended read and re-read.

Follow the #bluecrack clues–Brothers Black–Braxton the Charmer is next.

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