Book Review: How I See It―My Funny Valentine: A Valentine Novella (Hold On To Me Book 1) ~ Blue Saffire

38588697Blue Saffire’s interracial romance My Funny Valentine (2018) explored the relationship between Nelson and Talina.

Talina: the good a faithful girlfriend who believes she has it all. A good man (Malcolm) and a good job.

Nelson: Talina’s boss who is in love with her.

Things take a turn for the better, then the worst, and better again as Nelson and Talina’s relationship changes to more than boss and employee.

A book by author Blue Saffire where two characters have memories when hearing the song My Funny Valentine. Some memories good and the other not so good.

There are moments in this book that can take the reader back to old school life experiences as well as some funny moments, where you are like ‘That has happened to me too.’

Hey Blue, I have questions…I don’t need them answered I know I will find them in the second installment of this series. This book was so good I had to read it twice!


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