Book Review: How I See It―Alex Drakos: His Forbidden Love ~ Mallory Monroe

AlexDrakosBk1In Alex Drakos: His Forbidden Love, author Mallory Monroe gives us an inside view of her new alpha male. His no-nonsense sense of justice to his own children was absolutely brilliant even if it did end in tragedy. It was heartbreaking for him to find out about his children. Then there is Kari Grant a single mother, who ran from her “madman” boyfriend and never looked back. These two unlikely people cross paths in Apply Valley, Florida when Alex comes to speak to the people regarding the casino he plans to build.

Alex and Kari hit it off the first night they meet; however, things are not smooth sailing when Kari’s son is charged with murder and Vito, Kari’s ex-boyfriend, shows up in town. We will see a side of Alex we did not know that he had.

Will Alex and Kari find love or lust in Apple Valley? Will Vito force Kari back into his life and back to Chicago? Will eight-year-old Jordan be found guilty of the heinous crime he has been charged with?

Find out this answers and more when you read Alex Drakos: His Forbidden Love.

My rating: 5 stars

Date read January 21, 2018

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