Book Review: My Thoughts―The Player’s Club: Queen of Spades ~ Reana Malori

40248220In Queen of Spades, author Reana Malori spins a tale of four friends and their lifelong dream of owning a casino. This is Terra Dupree and Damian Blake’s story. All is not what is seem as Terra and her best friends (Dredd, Dylan, and Emmaline), purchase a casino sight unseen. Each lady is an as deadly as the next and each has a unique skill-set. What will happen when an old love of Terra’s walks into there lives, who is sent by Terra’s father to help them uncover the problem they are having making it rain?

I hope this does not end here; it makes me wonder who is the Queen of Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs, and what is Damian hiding.

Rating: 5
Recommend: Yes
Date read: June 2-3, 2018

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