Book Review: My Thoughts―Weekend Rendezvous ~ Reana Malori

34326019In Weekend Rendezvous, author Reana Malori explores the ‘secret’ relationship of Jackson (Jack) Pittman, Navy Seal and Lisa Worley, his ‘secret’ weekend lover. Jack and Lisa, agreed their arraignment would be just the two of them getting together when Jack is home from a mission. Things start to get complex when the best friends Austin (Jack’s) and Kara (Lisa’s) find out (although they already knew, they want Jack and Lisa to tell them). Thier relationship starts to become complicated for Jack, but he just can’t let Lisa go, and Lisa never thought she wanted more, now she does.

I was a little annoyed with Jack; he could have been honest with Lisa about his fears and why he had them, and Lisa could have been more open with Jack. Jack never wavered in his want of Lisa, but will Jack be able to open up about the past and will she be able to get past the hurt he unknowingly caused.

Weekend Rendezvous was a good read of two people finding love where they least expect it.

Rating: 4
Recommend: Yes
Date read: June 7-8, 2018

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