Book review | My thoughts ~ All We Ever Needed by D.A. Young

The anticipated book six of the Men of Whiskey Row Series left this reader with much to be desired. It was a good book, it just had so many moving parts. At one point I got a bit lost and confused. I was expecting a book about the love between Holton Brammer and Katerina Romankov like I got with Jack/Noelle, Darby/Avery, and Casey/Sidra.

Sometime to understand the present we must go back; however, the story didn’t flow from past to present as it had in previous books.

Some words used by the author didn’t fit like ‘aureole’ is a circle of light or brightness surrounding something, especially as depicted in art around the head or body of a person represented as holy. I think she meant ‘areola’ as in anatomy-a small circular area, in particular, the ring of pigmented skin surrounding a nipple.

The best part of this book is D.J. Sullivan, Sidra going into labor, Kat kicking a$$ and taking names, and Avery/Darby’s not so secret pregnancy.

This book ends in suspense, well sort of. We learn who Madam Lalita is but what we don’t know is how she fits into this picture.

It took three days to read this book. Would I recommend…yes. This book is still a good read; however, it could have been better.

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