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Hello and happy rainy day Sunday! It is here at least.

Question: would you use your job description to not do work? What I mean is, if something is not listed in your job description has part of your responsibility would you tell the person asking for your assistance that it is not apart of your job description or would you attempt to assist the person asking for the help?

I am asking the question for a reason. I recently had a conversation with a co-worker and said, I hope I am given a description of my new role so that I may know what is expected of me. In turn, they said, I would like one as well so that if it is not in my job description and I can let them know.

Have we as a society become so dehumanized that we are no longer helpers to one another? I have never felt the need to step on someone to get me to the next level. We all have customers to serve and maybe and I could be wrong, but when did the need for customer service in the workplace stop?

When did workplaces hire people who are not collaborative and not team players? What is wrong with big business, customer service is one of the many things that got the company to where is it today.

Fresh Prince once said ‘Parents just don’t understand.’ I just don’t understand using your job description to say that is not my job.

Let’s talk!

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